How to create a new android studio project

How to create a new android studio project

How to create a new android studio project

Hi Android Lovers,

In this blog, we're going to see how to create a new android project in Android Studio.
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Open the android studio, in the welcome page, it will display some options. As we are creating a new android studio project so we click on the first option (Fig 1).

Fig 1

Then we will redirect to the Create Android Project screen, where we need to fill some boxes. First is Application Name, as per your requirement you named your application. The second one is the Company Domain, by default, it is set as the system domain but if you have any kind of domain then you can add it. The third one is Project Location, by default, it is set but you can change it. And if you want C++ and Kotlin support then you can check those checkboxes (Fig 2). After that, click next.

Fig 2

Now we need to set the device, as our primary target is phone and tablet so select the Phone & Tablet option. You can change it as per your requirements. By default API (Application Programming Interface) is set as API level 15. If we used API 15, then our app will be run in every device (Fig 3).

Fig 3

Also, we can change our API level as per our requirement (Fig 4).

Fig 4

Click next; it will redirect us to the Select Activity Screen, where we select our activity. Later, I will explain about What is An Activity in android. But now skip it, because we are focusing on how to create a project.
By default, it is set as Empty Activity, and we leave it as it is. And click next (Fig 5).

Fig 5

In this screen, we can change the name of our empty activity as we need, then clicked next (Fig 6).

Fig 6

Then we need to wait some time to build the Gradle for the project. Gradle is a general-purpose build tool. Later we will discuss gradle (Fig 7).

Fig 7

After finishing the gradle build, now we are ready to develop our first android app (Fig 8).

Fig 8

Leave a comment if you find any problem to start your first android project.

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