Android Disease Detection with Plant Identification and Flower Identification App using TensorFlow Lite model

This is an android app using the TensorFlow lite model with Firebase. In this app there are 3 main features are available, these are - 

  1. Detection/Identification (Plant disease detection, Crop identification, and Flower identification)
  2. Weather (Current day weather, Next day weather, and next 4 days weather of a particular place.)
  3. Community (Create a post of your problem or query and get the answer in here)

Watch the full video on youtube


Crop disease detection, Plant identification by leaf, and Flower identification are done by using the TensorFlow lite model. The disease detection model is trained in Google Colab using some python code but the plant identification by leaf and flower identification model is trained in the Teachable Machine Learning platform.


Here you will find the weather result of the current day of any location with next day weather and next 4 days weather. Here you can also change the settings on the settings page, also you can search the weather of any location. You can share the weather info with others. Also, you can track the day-to-day weather using the graph.


Here, you can post your query related to the plant. And an expert or any user can get their expert opinion on your query.


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